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ILTA organized the first All India Leather & Allied Products Exhibition in India in the Indian Museum Hall, Calcutta in 1956. The first symposium on chrome tanning was also held during the same time under Presidentship of Prof. B. M Das and Leadership of Mr. S. K. Sen. This symposium was inaugurated by Prof. M.S. Thackerey, the Director General of C.S.I.R.
The second symposium was on industrial leather on February 9,1958.
The third symposium at Mumbai on March 8,1960 was on trends in synthetic tanning technology.
The fourth was on footwear and footwear components during 1968 at Agra.
The fifth symposium was on March 3, 1969 on leather auxiliaries and various import-export prospects at Batanagar.
The first gallant fashion parade Calcutta and all India design competition was organized on April 23–24, 1970
The sixth symposium on adhesives and the second fashion parade were organized in November 1971.
The seventh all India symposium was held at Calcutta on March 10, 1973 on the development of export of leather and leather goods.
The eighth symposium on leather industry, problems concerning foreign exchange, service conditions and benefits was organized at Kanpur on April 1, 1974.
The ninth and tenth symposium took place on August 14, 1974 at Calcutta and in 1975 at Agra, while the eleventh was held in the same year at Calcutta to discuss the plan for the export of leather, footwear and leather goods from India with a target to reach Rs. 600 crores of export.
Apart from the above ILTA have been organizing B M Das Memorial Lecture since 1970, Sanjoy Sen Memorial Lecture since 2003, Moni Banerjee Memorial Lecture since 2011 and a Technical Seminar in occasion of IILF at Chennai since 2014.

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Leather Technologists' Association (India), was formed in the year 1950.Prof. Moni Banerjee joined as General Secretary under Presidentship of Prof. B. M. Das.

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