Objectives & Activities

(i) To bring all concerned with the broad spectrum of the leather industry under one umbrella.

(ii) To work for the most effective use of leather science and the scientific method for the uplift and welfare of the Society as a whole.

(iii) To improve and safeguard the interests, the conditions of life, the professional and social status of all leather technologists in India.

(iv) To organize seminar, symposium, workshop in order to create information, knowledge and latest development for the benefit of all concerned. To offer a common platform for all to interact with each other in order to understand each other’s problems and prospects.

(v) To assist and encourage the application of Science and Scientific method to the manufacture and utilization of leather and allied products by holding of meetings from time to time.

(vi) To create public interest in Leather Science by organizing popular scientific talks and by diffusing basic and applied scientific knowledge or otherwise by organizing exhibitions, fairs etc.

(vii) To publish monthly journal as a supplement to those above objectives. The monthly journal of ILTA is known as journal of Indian Leather Technologists’ Association (JILTA) and is the most widely circulated technical journal concerning leather technology.

(viii) To publish text books for the benefit of students at various levels of study, for the researchers and industry.

(ix) To extend and improve Scientific and technical education and the professional training of those seeking to become fully qualified Scientific or technical workers by organizing training facilities, conducting proper examination, and in other ways.

(x) To promote and encourage Scientific and industrial researchers in all branches of leather and allied products and to provide adequate endowment for research and to advice from time to time as to the administration of such endowments.

(xi) To establish scholarships, foundations, prize funds, awards etc..

(xii) To have interface between urban and rural sector.

To assist Planning Commission, various Government Institutions, Ministry and autonomous bodies to formulate appropriate policies acceptable and adoptable to the industry.

(xiv) To organize practical training and to provide skilled manpower and to motivate good students for study.

(xv) To receive donations, endowments, legacies and subscriptions etc. to be applied solely for the promotion of the objects of the Association as set forth in this Memorandum of Association.

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Leather Technologists' Association (India), was formed in the year 1950.Prof. Moni Banerjee joined as General Secretary under Presidentship of Prof. B. M. Das.

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